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Angel City Records

Angel City Records is a Los Angeles based independent record label.  The label was founded by Mark Morales & Wally Caro in April of 2013.  Mark is a record collector/dealer/Disk Jockey of vintage Jamaican and Soul music promoting these sounds through club nights for the past 25 years. Wally is a versatile guitar player & songwriter leading bands for the past few decades in genres ranging from Ska, Soul, R&B and more.

Their merger began as show promoters producing a slew of concerts with golden age Soul & Reggae acts including but not limited to HB Barnum, Brenda Holloway, The Gaylads, Nolan Porter and reformed the original Studio One Recording band, the Sound Dimension for one last show. Upon completing production for the last event with famed Jamaican singer & producer Derrick Harriott, the duo decided to shift their focus on developing a record label and start promoting music on a different platform. Having worked with hundreds of people in these genres from across musical history, the two used their resources to start identifying artists, putting together recording musicians and successfully got the ball rolling.  The label’s first artist Xiantoni Ari, daughter of famed Detroit Soul Singer Gwen Owens released her 1st single “What’s It Gonna Be” the Summer of 2013.  The single was an instant hit selling out the 1st day of release. Since then, there has been 20 plus releases with many more in the works.

The magic behind Angel City Records lies within the many talents in our music machine.  The artists, musicians, producers all share a common bond. There is an extreme dedication and passion for the music we produce.  Angel City Record pays homage to the countless pioneers of golden age music we grew up and work endlessly to deliver something fresh for the listener.  Angel City Records strives to create music to sing along to, fall in love, ease heartache and all those deep emotions we find in music that fuel our emotions.

Angel City Records is a music entity that produces from our souls onto yours. This is music we grew up with. This is street music by street people.  This is music with heart.

This is Angel City Records...Los Angeles’s NOW Sound!   

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