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Hypocondriacs are a reggae music powerhouse hailing from Madrid, Spain. This group was a 1st for Angel City Records which traditionally has been composed of artists from Los Angeles.  The group approached us and were interested in working with Angel City Records. Upon hearing some of their demos, we were absolutely floored at the group’s ability to execute a killer vintage 1960’s Jamaican feel but most importantly writing some catchy material.  The band released their first 4 track Ep “Reggae 68” on Angel city Records in the summer of 2017.  The single has been met by fans with extreme excitement locally and internationally. The group is currently playing gigs in Europe most notably the London Ska Festival in April 2018. We will be getting ready to release some new material and working on a small US tour to promote their boss sound on an international level. Keep an eye out for these guys as they are one of the hottest groups in vintage reggae music around.  

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