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The Delirians are LA's number one number Ska & Reggae group out of Californias ever growing traditional ska and reggae scene.  Based out of East Los Angeles, founders Angel Salgado(vox,guitar) and Tony "teclado" Medina(organ,vox) strive to keep that vintage reggae sound alive. With tracks like "Walkie Talkie" and "Leave This Town" you'll be sure to hear reflections of that the vintage 60's era sound adding their own flavour to create a genuinely unique sound. The Delirians will keep you skanking with original ska tunes and keep you grooving to some heavy rocksteady.

With the approval of artists such as Pat Kelly, Stranger Cole, The Jamaicans, the Pioneers to name a few, the Delirians are thee band to continue following on their ongoing rise to stardom.


After many years of gigging and playing live, Angel City Records signed the Delirians and released their long awaited full length album "Get Up" with the Delirians" in 2014 along with a four track EP "Leave This Town" in 2016. The band is prepping for 2nd full length album penned for 2017. Keep an eye out for them as the band continues to sky rocket into world-wide fame.  The Delirians will take the stage this year at Coachella music festival and prepare for touring immediately after.  The group has just wrapped up recording for their next release entitled "El Remedio" due out this spring..


For more info visit   follow the Delirians on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter



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