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Xiantoni Ari is a singer, actress, dancer and musician born and raised in Southern California. Growing up within Los Angeles’s vibrant entertainment scene along with the influence of her mother, 60’s and 70’s Northern Soul icon Gwen Owens, Xiantoni developed a deep interest in music from the get go. She is well versed in different genres but for the label utilizes her talent in the realm of vintage Soul and R&B. Backed by the label’s house band, the Angel City All-stars, her powerful voice echoes the timeless sounds of the classic Soul era. Xiantoni brings her powerful voice, charm, and high energy to each of her live performances leaving the audience blown away. Xiantoni just wrapped up a month long tour across Europe alongside her label mates Thee Hurricanes and Jackie Mendez for the 2nd Angel City Records Revue. She is preparing to begin touring the west coast in the coming months and in the studio for new tracks. Stay posted for tour dates and new full length album due out Summer 2018.

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